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3D Kitchen 3D Kitchen

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Dude... how can you be so lazy, Just write a script, record the sound, and THEN make a movie.......... you stole it all from SNL too.... the sound i mean.... You even made the cartoon... less funny... Here ya go

1. Buck then Futter not $1 then Fuck Butter
2. Actually move nicholas cage's podium
3. Dont write when she didnt write anything, it takes away funnyness
4. Write your own script and record your own sound, to be frank... you killed it
5. when writing your new script, DO NOT reuse old jokes as in the PPG celebrity jeopardys

I'm just telling you this because i never really knew there were celebrity jeopardys on newgrounds..... I have written a celebrity jeopardy script and it doesnt use any old jokes I'm working on the audio... Please dont kill celebrity jeopardy...

Look forward to my celebrity jeopardy Characters:

Sean Connery
Jack Nicholson
Kevin Smith

Everybody complain so he makes new ones

iqueloque responds:

dude are u on crack, this is 3d kitchen.
Abd u will love for you to try a celebrity jeopardy.

Silent Bob - Stoner Silent Bob - Stoner

Rated 0 / 5 stars


your so stupid!!! how can you call that a bong? it's not a bong stupid, its more like a vase in this thing, a bong has a bowl and a base, and a cannon... And in Dealer: Cannabis leaves have 9 appendeges, not 7

Wedge1024 responds:

Geez, sorry. I'm not a pot-head, so i really don't know these things. (And yes, it is possible to not be a pot head and like j&sb).

Jay - Dealer Jay - Dealer

Rated 0 / 5 stars


I'm ashamed of you! first of all, the cannabis leaf has 9 apendeges... seriously... nothing else

Recent Game Reviews

Stick RPG Stick RPG

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is hellishly fun!!!! fewelz!!!

I've been playing this since last night before i went to sleep and im still playing it now I got freakin 676 strength I can take anyone at da bar!!!
There is NOTHING bad about this game at all (in my opinion) PLAY IT FEWELZ

i noticed that this has 86 pages of reviews!!! Thats a friggin lot man, well it has been here since the third right?

you should put in some kind of saving thing (if thats possible in flash) maybe just a place where you can type something like a password and it'd save it or maybe if you put a frame where it saves your progress, i dunno i just barely started flash 6 months ago anywayz...

Nice game, thanks for blessing newgrounds with its presence